Water-less Bathing

Innovations Case Study:

A revolution in lower-cost patient cleaning…

Cuts Patient Bathing Times by up to 50% – Releasing Staff to Perform Other Duties, Saves Costs and Reduces Manual Patient Handling Risks!

Nilaqua allows you to wash patients easily and effectively from the comfort of their bed – without WATER!

No more spilling water, using lots of towels and spending a lot of time on such a simple task. Nilaqua Towel-Off Soaps and Shampoos are kind
and gentle liquids that are applied to the skin, massaged-in to lift dirt, grease and odours, then removed by just towel drying!
Easy to use, quick and leaves no sticky residues.

ICU Royal Hampshire County Hospital

“ We trialled the Nilaqua Body Wash and Shampoo 200ml bottles on our ICU ward. The majority of the nursing staff confirmed that Nilaqua saved as much as 50% of the usual amount of time they would take to wash a patient. The product is easy to use and ideal for the ICU environment where having water near complex machinery can be hazardous. The Body Wash is designed to be used without water and wipes but can also be used with water and wipes in heavy soiling situations and we found this to be a very effective cleanser in these cases. Patients said they felt clean after their Nilaqua experience and liked the fragrance of the Body Wash. On ICU we rarely wash patient’s hair but when we did, using the Nilaqua shampoo, the whole process was completed in less than 5 minutes. There are considerable advantages to using the Nilaqua product on a busy ward where any time saving process is very welcome.”

Head of Infection Control,
Ipswich Hospital

“The waterless shampoo is being used for those patients who cannot take a bath or shower or would find it too distressing to do so. The feedback from the areas that use it is really positive. The staff love using it and the patients appreciate it. All in all it improves the patient experience which was the major driving force in introducing its use. I would certainly recommend it.”

Clinical Lead Night Nursing & Hospice at Home Services,
Leicester Partnerships NHS Trust

“We as a team have used Nilaqua Palliative Care Wash and shampoo since we were introduced to it last October. The shampoo has especially been well received, with use when a patient in the last days of life, it is easy to use, smells like fresh grapefruit and leaves the patients hair soft and shiny. We would certainly recommend this product.”