Bespoke Products

PTP Healthcare also offer branded and bespoke products on request.

Our in house design team are constantly working on new and innovative ideas and improvements to suit all needs and budgets.
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Bespoke Item design and development

As well as our standard range of products, we design and produce bespoke products that fulfill an individual need. Whether it’s a standard type item but in a special colour and with the client’s logo, or a much more technical piece of product design, we have the in-house ability to develop and produce whatever our clients and trust partners need. The following products are a few case-study examples.

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Having seen our premium patient packs, Plymouth contacted us for bespoke male and female patient packs to be branded with their Trust name. Sue Johnson, Head of Nursing for Surgery, said: “For some of our patients there’s no time for them to bring suitable provisions into hospital so we like to ensure that we have products available within our wards and departments to give to them. The packs are a great way to ensure that, for those patients who need them, everything they need is in one place”. The nursing staff at Plymouth are handing these packs out to urgent admissions as well as vending them in the main reception of the hospital.

Virgin Care Welcome Pack

Naturally, as a Virgin Group Company, Virgin Care wanted us to come up with something very different, uniquely memorable, but above-all, functional and intrinsically useful. The result was very attractive 2-in-1 kit, featuring a zip-loc PVC ‘wet-pack’ with all the usual necessary items such as dental set, soaps and shampoos, etc but also containing novel items such as a bespoke puzzle book, pen and clever magnifying glass bookmark! The secondary, outer bag unfolds to become a very handy tote bag to carry home all of the patient’s accumulated property, such as cloths, gifts, food etc…

Virgin Care Brochure

Virgin Care Kids Pack

Again, wanting something very different, Virgin Care wanted to look after their younger patients with a kit designed to keep those young minds busy and happy during their stay, resulting in activity items, pens and personal headphones all packaged within a rather smart nylon drawstring bag!