Grip-Sole Slipper Sock

Innovations Case Study:

PTP Healthcare’s specially designed slipper sock was developed in conjunction with Northumbria Healthcare Trust in an effort to reduce the number of incidents of patient’s falling on ward after surgery.

The male and female sock has a non slip base from heel to toe and extra stretch to fit all sizes.

Available in a variety of colours and in child’s sizes too, the slipper sock design has been improved and developed with medical professionals over the past few years to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Since introducing the slipper sock, amongst other measures, an NHS Trust has recorded that the number of falls has reduced by a staggering 47%!

Another Trust also commented “We looked at the disposable patient slippers supplied within the hospital. The previous product available was made of foam that often didn’t fit, easily split and had the potential to contribute to patient falls. The new premium slipper socks we have introduced are comfortable, have anti slip bottoms and whilst improving safety have the added bonus of keeping our patients feet warm."